While formal weddings hold meaning for many couples linking them to the traditions of their ancestors and culture, others want the experience to be unique – with a ceremony and location that reflects their true colours. Well, we are tempted to say: “why not?” Planning a ‘one stop’ wedding is attractive to different couples for different reasons.

So you have always imagined your nuptials at a vacation spot. Maybe you spent an idyllic weekend earlier in your relationship at Speke Resort and Muyonyo Commonwealth Resort or the laid-back Kabira Country Club. Perhaps it was at the eco-friendly Forest Cottages. If it’s easy to graft a picture of yourselves in your wedding best onto those wonderful weekend or holiday memories, a destination wedding may be just the ticket for you.

Your families and friends are from here, there and everywhere. Many couples with far-flung families have thrown up their hands in despair at trying to find a spot that suits everyone. Soon it occurs to them: If everyone’s going to have to travel anyway…Voilà, destination wedding.

You also want to make the planning easier. It’s true that any wedding—whether at home or away— can morph into a logistical nightmare. But at Speke Resort and Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Kabira Country Club, Forest Cottages and Dolphin Suites, there is a team of on-site wedding coordinators that will do all the legwork for you and thus your wedding can be less stressful to plan.